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KGG PowerPoint presentations

Bárdarbunga 2014/15 & Fagradalsfjall 2021/22 dyke eruptions Iceland

Mrs Heidi Tindall

Connecting East Kent to a wider Regional and Global Geological Story

Lawrie Cowliff

The youngest known dinosaur footprints from the British Isles

Philip Hadland

Channel - bridge or barrier?

Anne Beecham

Land of the Great White Cloud

Tony Mitchell

The Jurassic period

Tony Mitchell

Rock Forming Minerals

Dr Anne Padfield

The Geology of Herne Bay

Geoff Downer

A Mystery Volcano

Doreen Van Seenus

The Channel - Bridge or Barrier

Anne Beecham

William Smith & Somerset Coalfield

Geoff Turner

Collection of Geological Sites of Interest

The Onny Valley Geological Trail

The Stiperstones - Shropshire

The Sedgwick Geological Trail

The Mortimer Forest Geology Trail

Do you have a favourite geological site that you wish to share with others?
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Collection of Past Group Activities

Dryhill Country Park, 26th February 2017

Bluebell Hill Walk No.1, 13th June 2015

Bluebell Hill Walk No.1, 7th June 2014

Field Trip to Herne Bay, 25th June 2011

The Geology of South Wales - A Field Guide

Chafford Gorges, 28th June 2008

Darent Valley, 14th June, 2008

Kew Gardens, 4th November 2007

Clearance at Loose Quarry, 23rd January 2005

The Geology of Pegwell Bay