Indoor Meetings Programme

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Indoor Meetings Programme - 2020

Date Subject
21st January 2020 Dr Geoff Turner:
The Human History of the San Andreas Fault
18th February 2020 Dr Doreen Van Seenus
17th March 2019 Annual General Meeting followed by
Dr Chris Duffin
Extraordinary Women Geologists
21st April 2020 Dr Anne Padfield
19th May 2020 Tony Mitchell
16th June 2020 Dr Adrian Rundle
Some Aspects of the Preservation of Bivalves and Brachiopods
21st July 2020 Gordon Elder
The Geology of Mars
18th August 2020 Anthony Brook and Roger Cordiner
Title TBC
15th September 2020 Ken Brooks:
The Burgess Shale
20th October 2020 Ann Barrett
Salt of the Earth [and of the Sea!]
17th November 2020 Gary Woodall
Mysteries of Easter Island
15th December 2020 Christmas Evening
Please bring labelled fossils, minerals and rocks for sale for the benefit of the Group and any other specimens found during the year for display. Members may also care to bring in refreshments.